Lohuec, Brittany, France

Andrew doing a birthday dance atop a mountain, Ile de Batz.

Andrew doing a birthday dance atop a mountain, Ile de Batz.

I sit in a cafe in Spitalfields, East London, ‘ The Breakfast Club’ – super cool….Ears pricked and at the ready for eavesdropping …just overheard this beauty ” Charles, my career has been a series of disappointments”

I have consumed a meal I did not need, let alone want….but it was sooo good. This very behaviour typifies my holiday….

In a haze of smoke from breakfast bacon, mixed with the smell of sugar syrup from pancake stacks, my mind floats back to yesterday when I was in Brittany, France….in a small town called Lohuec.

Why was I there? How did an Aussie girl end of holidaying in a small French village, population 25 / average age 72 years.

Luck, chance and a good man named Andrew.

5 days of indulgence for which I still suffer…breakfast, lunch and dinners that consisted of fine pastries, cheese and wine

Lazy days spent riding bikes on lush green islands….afternoon strolls along cobble stone streets, crepe in hand, wine in flask.

Home cooked French meals, an in-house French Film Festival and a birthday celebration…Life begins at 35!! Crack open the champagne! cheese anyone?Did someone say birthday cake?!

I may have left my heart in Paris, but I am certain to forever carry an extra kilo or three from my time in Lohuec!

Thank you for the memories Mr G…they are priceless, precious and I have the kilos to prove it xx

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  1. stephen boyle
    Oct 11, 2013 @ 21:40:10


    We enjoyed the ” ïndulgence ” of the French tales and look forward to seeing the new “enhanced” Kate upon her return N and G move on the 21st. N is keen, G starting to show signs of resistence especially as he has realised that the car has to go. We get them out of hospital on the 14th. They will have a week at “home” in Epping before the move which they think is too short but we had little choice once the room for them came through. They’re room is big – about as big as our back room and the bathroom really spacious. It has a frig and an air conditioner and there are two lifts to the ground floor  [ one each if we are fighting says N ] Mum will have a low key birthday tomorrow as we plan to go and stay in Epping prior to getting N and G out of Hospital / Respite on 14th. Elizabeth has done a great job visiting co ordinating. We have to pack/ move/donate/ sell all of their items over the  next 2 weeks M and T move in next weekend M fully involved in buying a new wall mounted TV for N and G with a simple “seniors handset.” Studio begins next week supposedly but have not heard from builder Our stress levels are contained  – at the moment ……….

    Enjoy the sights of London

    regards to Cameron


    D   M



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