The Art of Relaxation by Flora Boyle



A picture can speak a thousand words………

And other time Jet lag prevents proper sentences and encourages poor spelling.

My one month European vacation is over, all that remains is the jet lag and the wonderful, wonderful memories that will sustain me till I board another plane, train, ferry, bus or scooter to somewhere exotic.

But in the meantime, real life is here and now……and I have been re-united with my friend and flatmate. Flora the cat. Flora is a constant study in the art of relaxation…she takes it to another level….from her I must learn!!

It is good to be home, to be stationary, to stop and smell the roses, look up at the blue sky, admire the lush greenery that dresses the trees that line my street…Spring has sprung whilst I have been away….

The art of relaxation, taking things just that little bit slower, really listening to a friend, savouring a sweet treat, a home cooked meal….

And if I fail at that, I can just look to Flora….who does it so well this relaxation thing….every single moment….of every…single…day!!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. lanai
    Nov 24, 2013 @ 14:29:23

    time for an entry… it’s now a month since this last entry..


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