Five Sentence Fiction – Human

Word Prompt- Human

The credits rolled on her all-time favourite childhood movie ‘ The Wizard of Oz’

She looked to her children snuggled either side of her on the sofa.

‘Mummy’ her 4 year old uttered as she rested her gaze on his big blue eyes which had that quizzical look about them.

‘Did the Tin Man want a heart so that he could be human and love people?’

She felt an instant surge of emotion, both arms wrapping around her child in an embracing bear hug, and wuth happy tears rolling down her checks, she answered the question -‘Yes’

Five Sentence Fiction- Pieces

Dedicated to Jude ( for encouraging me to write again…rather forcing me!!)

It was as if her life was a jigsaw puzzle, and all the pieces were scattered on the floor.

They had been there for days, weeks on end….ignored, overlooked, nobody bothering to piece it back together.

But suddenly a shift, somebody chanced upon the haphazard array of shiny puzzle pieces.

They were curious as to what each would reveal once placed together as a whole.

That person was the girl herself…time and time again she arrived at a simple truth… could only be her who could restore harmony and balance to her life….and through gritted teeth, she sat down on the floor and focused her attention on the challenge ahead.

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