Merry Christmas

Catch up with a Mate has been a bit quiet of late.

The 12 Beaches of Christmas Campaign launched with gusto on the 2nd of December has dwindled…There are still 11 Beaches to review and only 6 days left in December. In hindsight, I should have probably stated at the beginning of the month that the reviews would reach readers in a single post, rating the beaches 12 to 1 in 500 words or less. Watch this space…that post IS coming!!

But today, todays post is about Christmas…all that is wonderful about friends, family, food, festivities and tradition.

What would the 25th of December be in my family without catching up with the wonderful Lee clan over a ham sandwich and a rum ball or three. With the arrival of children, new traditions have been added…the reading of Christmas bedtime stories, discussions of the toys that Santa will bring and impromptu Christmas dancing in lounge rooms.

And the Boyle family lunch, more ham, bad Christmas jokes – ‘Why was the lettuce blushing?’ ‘Because he saw the salad dressing!’, champagne and gift giving.

And tonight I will partake in something new, I am heading over to a friend’s place to join in their traditional board game night. What wonder awaits?

Ah, the joy of Christmas, the weird, the wonderful and the downright ordinariness of it all….

Merry Christmas to one and all

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