Five Sentence Fiction- Sparks

From her bedroom window she could see into her neighbours backyard.

A fire burned brightly, sparks and embers filling the night sky.

If she strained her ears, she thought she could hear distant sobbing.

The elderly woman in the garden, tossing copious reams of paper, her late husband’s life work, his unpublished manuscripts into the flames.

She was too young to understand powerful emotions, or the actions of a women fuelled by bitterness and regret…yes the scene was puzzling, but the backyard fire a thing of beauty.

Contemporary Dance VS a Full Moon

Looks like the sun, but it is last nights full moon

Looks like the sun, but it is last nights full moon

Friendship Fire starter: something that promotes friendship, encourages a catch up or strengthens a bond between two or more people.
In October last year, I returned from a four week European vacation.
It was a great holiday.
Whilst I was in London, I was a culture vulture, going to West End Musicals and theatre, museums and the like….oh yes, and two contemporary dance shows.
Contemporary Dance and I had never been on a date before, and I was thrown in the deep end as the friends I was staying with in London town were avid consumers of the dancing movement.
Not saying I was hooked on the new form of human expression I was exposed too…rather intrigued, curious….and so on returning to OZ, I early awaited for the Sydney Festival 2014 program to be released.
Pining for the holiday that was action packed, back in October of last year I booked 4 shows in the space of one week.
This week is that week….and last night I saw the first show, Forklift, a contemporary dance piece involving a forklift and 3 dancers.
It was unusual, odd, at times disturbing and at times awe inspiring…the movements theses dancers put their bodies through….breathtaking.
Art in motion.
And then it was over.
As I left the theatre I was reminded Sydney is in the middle of summer. It is HOT.
I got in my car and drove with the air conditioning on high. As I neared by home by the sea, I glanced up at the beam of light that was glowing in the night sky. The full Moon. It was beautiful.
In an instant I forgot about returning to my house, and drove to the seaside, so I could watch the moon for a bit, and her yellow light show dancing on the ocean.
What a sight!
Yes, the Contemporary dance piece was inspiring, showing a seated audience of all that is possible through considered movement…..but the moon, the full moon, captivated me and stole my heart last night.

Lambert…The Sheepish Lion

I have loved this cartoon since I was a little kid.
It is just plain childhood magic….and quite frankly being a grown up is boring from time to time.
So today, I took a stand, I watched Lambert the Sheepish Lion and instantly felt the joy of being 5 years old again.
May it have the same effect on you

Congwong Beach, La Perouse

The First Beach of Christmas

Congwong Beach,La Perouse

There are no word the describe the First Beach of Christmas and the epic adventure that started before hitting the sand and surf.

With my favourite person Kirk Doyle along for the ride, a living A- Z on all things Sydney, the day started at my favourite cafe in Bondi….Ruby’s.

From there I will leave it to the photo essay below….it was a simply stunning day, 5 hours of seaside frolicking complete with observations of nudity, a floating ice cream stall and plenty of photography. A more fitting end to my Christmas Beach campaign series there could not be, a more perfect companion, impossible.\

Till next year my friends…it has been fun!!

Congwong Beach
Congwong Beach

Towards Little Congwong
Toward Little Congwong

Kirk and I

The floating Ice Cream boat
The floating ice-cream boat

The floating Ice Cream boat

The floating Ice Cream boat

Five Sentence Fiction – Moon

Her love of travel could not be contained.

Her love of the new experiences it provided knew no bounds.

No sooner than she had returned from some flung place around the globe, that her bags were packed again for the next trip.

Call her a free spirit, a global nomad, a women of the world, call her what you would……she lived her life unaware of any label.

Her parents just shook their heads, sighed when a relative asked of her whereabouts, but did so as there face’s lit up with a huge grins, for they knew that within their family, she was the truly happy one.

This Five Sentence Fiction piece was inspired by one of my favourite songs’ Moon River’ from the movie ‘ Breakfast at Tiffany’s …in particular the following line-

” Two drifters off to see the world, There’s such alot of world to see’

2013 in Review….

Thank you one and all who read my blog in 2013….Here is the year in figures, not words.
Enjoy and thanks
Catch up with a Mate

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 4,000 times in 2013. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 3 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Scarborough Beach

Early Morning Oberservations

Early Morning Oberservations

The Second Beach of Christmas….

Scarborough Beach on the NSW South Coast.

About an hours drive South from Sydney and you literally stumble upon beach side paradise.

Stretches of coastline that you can have all to yourself….No sharing involved!

Especially at the hour I rocked up to Scarborough Beach ( 6.32am) I shared the beach with a lone surfer that you can see in the picture.

Stunning sunrise, the smell of the ocean and sea salt in the air and a million dollar view.

Enough said…except that the First Beach of Christmas better be bloody good!

Concha Beach, San Sebastian, Spain

With Sydney’s beach weather seemingly on holidays ( think grey clouds, no sunshine and a light drizzle) I am forced to look further afield for the 3rd Beach of Christmas.

And why not Spain?

I spent a glorious Autumn day at Playa de la Concha beach San Sebastian in October of last year.

I spent one month overseas and had packed for all the season Europe could throw my way…. wet weather gear, jackets, gloves, winter boots, beanie…..but I also had my itsy bitsy bikini and a beach towel.

First stop Lisbon, Portugal…And to a city I had high hopes of taking an ocean dip. Instead I braced myself for an unseasonal cold snap and walked around town in a jacket, gloves and beanie!

My next destination was Pamplona, Spain…a mere one hour from the coast. Surely Spain would grant my wish.

And grant my wish it did….A sunny day by the sea, so warm that I could even swim!!

photo 1(1) photo 2(1)

Next stop Paris….and back into my Jacket, beanie and gloves.


The Helensburgh River Dancer

I took the above video with myself in mind.

Should I ever feel flat or miserable in 2014, the image of the young boy I have dubbed the Helensburgh River Dancer would be used to sustain me. Some folk might  remember Michael Flatley, of the Irish Dancing troupe – River Dance…..The Helensburgh River Dancer is WAY cooler!!

The clip is a joy to watch, a young boy living in the moment, moving to his favourite music In a way that can only be described as unique.

Yes, if ever I am down or feeling blue in 2014, I have this treasured video, of a little boy I love dearly, who continually makes me laugh ( that is my chuckle on film) and who will forever serve as a reminder to savour each joyous occasion that comes my way in 2014.

Perhaps the Helensburgh River Dancer will have the same magical effect on you?! inspired you to dance like nobody is watching, hands swinging above your head, your tip toes touching down lightly on the floor as you wriggle about to you favourite tune.

Make 2014 your year of dancing for the pure joy if it, throw caution to the wind and next time the chance arises, don’t walk across the street, samba or fox trot your way across town. The Helenburgh River Dancer insists!!


Curl Curl Beach

The 4th Beach of Christmas

Curl Curl Beach, Sydney-Northern Beaches.

With long lost friend, the lovely Suzanne Alders. Suz has been an avid reader of my blog since day dot and her continued support means the world. It was so fitting that we caught at the beach, a new beach too….I had never been to Curl Curl beach….but that is about to change….I am now officially it’s number one fan.

To be fair Suz and I did not spend to much time on the sand or in the surf….We had some serious catching up to do….years of chatter conduced into a two hour talking festival at the South Curl Cur kiosk with a light meal and coffee the necessary fuel required to converse at such a rapid pace….

And then to be sea…..Their can be no better way to catch up…So much so that Suz and I have penciled in our next beach catch up, same time, same place…in 11 months time.

How many other fans of Curl Curl can say they have done that eh?!

What a delightful day, pleasant surrounds and a true friend. Summer perfection.



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