Coogee Beach

The 8th Beach of Christmas……

Coogee Beach

New Years Day, the 1st of January.

A day when it is universally understood that everyone is a little dusty from the night before. A day it is common for Christmas trees to be packed away, Christmas lights turned off and tinsel & tree trimmings banished to the garage storage system for 365 days.

The Christmas Beach campaign will continue into the New Year, I have been a bit lax in my reviews this time round, and as, like the thousands of others at the beach on New Years Day, I was a bit dusty,….So I chose a beach a mere 5 mins from my house…..Coogee Beach.

Looking like a miniature version of the King of Sydney beaches on New Years Day, Bondi, the Queen’s headdress rested sweetly on Coogee yesterday.

And in true New Years Day fashion I shared my first swim of 2014 with my beautiful friend Jenny Kline, a true Sydney beach babe. A more appropriate beach buddy on New Year’s Day one could not find xx Check out our New Years Day adventure from 2012 at Bondi Beach Click Here

The ocean swim at Coogee was refreshing, life affirming and the perfect antidote the previous nights champagne and fire works.

2014…..Let the fun begin….




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