The Helensburgh River Dancer

I took the above video with myself in mind.

Should I ever feel flat or miserable in 2014, the image of the young boy I have dubbed the Helensburgh River Dancer would be used to sustain me. Some folk might  remember Michael Flatley, of the Irish Dancing troupe – River Dance…..The Helensburgh River Dancer is WAY cooler!!

The clip is a joy to watch, a young boy living in the moment, moving to his favourite music In a way that can only be described as unique.

Yes, if ever I am down or feeling blue in 2014, I have this treasured video, of a little boy I love dearly, who continually makes me laugh ( that is my chuckle on film) and who will forever serve as a reminder to savour each joyous occasion that comes my way in 2014.

Perhaps the Helensburgh River Dancer will have the same magical effect on you?! inspired you to dance like nobody is watching, hands swinging above your head, your tip toes touching down lightly on the floor as you wriggle about to you favourite tune.

Make 2014 your year of dancing for the pure joy if it, throw caution to the wind and next time the chance arises, don’t walk across the street, samba or fox trot your way across town. The Helenburgh River Dancer insists!!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Fangs Mama
    Jan 07, 2014 @ 01:02:48

    What a CUTIEPIE!! Twinkletoes and those big deep eyes! Was there a bit of a grapevine action going on in there for a second? *A-DORABLE*


  2. Catch Up With A Mate
    May 02, 2014 @ 00:46:01

    Reblogged this on Catch Up With A Mate.


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