Contemporary Dance VS a Full Moon

Looks like the sun, but it is last nights full moon

Looks like the sun, but it is last nights full moon

Friendship Fire starter: something that promotes friendship, encourages a catch up or strengthens a bond between two or more people.
In October last year, I returned from a four week European vacation.
It was a great holiday.
Whilst I was in London, I was a culture vulture, going to West End Musicals and theatre, museums and the like….oh yes, and two contemporary dance shows.
Contemporary Dance and I had never been on a date before, and I was thrown in the deep end as the friends I was staying with in London town were avid consumers of the dancing movement.
Not saying I was hooked on the new form of human expression I was exposed too…rather intrigued, curious….and so on returning to OZ, I early awaited for the Sydney Festival 2014 program to be released.
Pining for the holiday that was action packed, back in October of last year I booked 4 shows in the space of one week.
This week is that week….and last night I saw the first show, Forklift, a contemporary dance piece involving a forklift and 3 dancers.
It was unusual, odd, at times disturbing and at times awe inspiring…the movements theses dancers put their bodies through….breathtaking.
Art in motion.
And then it was over.
As I left the theatre I was reminded Sydney is in the middle of summer. It is HOT.
I got in my car and drove with the air conditioning on high. As I neared by home by the sea, I glanced up at the beam of light that was glowing in the night sky. The full Moon. It was beautiful.
In an instant I forgot about returning to my house, and drove to the seaside, so I could watch the moon for a bit, and her yellow light show dancing on the ocean.
What a sight!
Yes, the Contemporary dance piece was inspiring, showing a seated audience of all that is possible through considered movement…..but the moon, the full moon, captivated me and stole my heart last night.

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