Wylie’s Bath

The 5th Beach of Christmas

Wylie’s Baths, Coogee

Named after Mina Wylie, one of Australia’s first female Olympic swimming medalists, this sea pool is pure heaven.

Open 365 days a year one would struggle to find a more heavenly place to take a dip.

While admission to the Wylie’s will set you back $4.80 per adult, the fee is well worth it. For that price you can spend all day swimming, sipping a coffee or devouring a cake from the kiosk or simply admiring the stunning views.

Or why not partake in a yoga class or a massage session?! ( not included in admission cost )
The last time I did yoga at Wylie’s was on New Years Eve, 2010. It was a memorable class, I have never forgotten it…a fitting way to farewell the passing of another year and welcome with anticipation the new. I would recommend a yoga session at Wylie’s to every man,women and flexible dog or cat!!

Wylie’s Baths…..simply stunning.



Clovelly Beach

The 6th Beach of Christmas

Clovelly Beach

Located 5 minutes drive from my Home is a true Sydney gem of a swimming spot.

Reason’s as to why, in this, the 3rd year of reviewing beaches at Christmas, I have failed to document the wonder that is Clovelly Beach escape me.

To close to home to warrant a review? My desire to travel to more exotic locations to review sand and sea?

I may never understand! But one thing I know is true…. I am very lucky to live in the wonderful city of Sydney, a true summer playground and be in such close proximity to the sea.

Fancy a dip after work? Clovelly is always my beach of choice….

Need to wash off the data entry office blues? Clovelly can take care of that!

Clovelly beach, do yourself a favour and next time life turns up the heat, take a cooling dip in this Eastern suburb stretch on coastline.



Berkeley Pool

The 7th Beach of Christmas…..

A pool with more beachside beasties, Kate, Jess and Miss Mae ( modelling a blue tutu bikini)

But where is this magical place?

Judging my the photos one would be forgiven this swim took place in either the Maldives, Tropical North Queensland…..the French Riveria?

Logical guesses, but unfortunately all wrong.

This swim took place in suburbia, on a hot summers day, temperature 32 degrees at 10am & climbing, in Berkeley, a town South of Wollongong.

A finer public pool on the South Coast of NSW one would struggle to locate.
Entry cost- Free
Patrolled by life guard- Yes
Length of Main Pool- 50 metres
Kids pool-Yes

Manicured lawns, shade cloths to rest under and toilet facilities.

Summer perfection contained in mega litres of chlorine treated aqua goodness.



Coogee Beach

The 8th Beach of Christmas……

Coogee Beach

New Years Day, the 1st of January.

A day when it is universally understood that everyone is a little dusty from the night before. A day it is common for Christmas trees to be packed away, Christmas lights turned off and tinsel & tree trimmings banished to the garage storage system for 365 days.

The Christmas Beach campaign will continue into the New Year, I have been a bit lax in my reviews this time round, and as, like the thousands of others at the beach on New Years Day, I was a bit dusty,….So I chose a beach a mere 5 mins from my house…..Coogee Beach.

Looking like a miniature version of the King of Sydney beaches on New Years Day, Bondi, the Queen’s headdress rested sweetly on Coogee yesterday.

And in true New Years Day fashion I shared my first swim of 2014 with my beautiful friend Jenny Kline, a true Sydney beach babe. A more appropriate beach buddy on New Year’s Day one could not find xx Check out our New Years Day adventure from 2012 at Bondi Beach Click Here

The ocean swim at Coogee was refreshing, life affirming and the perfect antidote the previous nights champagne and fire works.

2014…..Let the fun begin….




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