When I grow up I want to be a FOOT MODEL

Is it true to say that every young girl grows up with the secret wish to be revered for her beauty?

I know that I did…but as I went through that awkward teenage phase of braces, bad acne and oily hair… reality set in!! On the rarest occasions, teenage girls emerge from the torment of adolescents a beautiful swan….straight teeth, clever skin and silky hair…ready to grace the cover of a glossy magazine.

Though I came through adolescents at the other end… I was simply a humble human being…an average soul with a beaming smile.

Modelling, that elusive career was out of my reach, I was 17 and had never been talent scouted for the catwalk despite my tall stature.

It was then and there that I looked at other body parts I was blessed with, namely hands and feet ….and wondered…. Could I make it as a Hand model or a Foot model?!


Could I become a Hand Supermodel, a Foot Catwalk queen?!

Whilst I waited to be discovered I took up a job as a check out chick and enrolled at University.

15 years later…. It is safe to say my modelling career be it face, foot, hands or ears….NEVER took off.

Yet earlier this week as I watched commercial TV, I was captivated by an advertisement for a do it yourself pedicure set by the company Scholl. The advertisement featured, Gemma Howorth….introduced as an ‘ international foot model’ ….. Gemma stole my fantasy career!!

Curious I read up on this ‘ foot model’… And as I did I pined for a career that never was….As I write this post I look at hands that failed to bring in a six figure income for their exquisite beauty…. But I smile a gap tooth smile( even the braces failed) for my career to date, teacher, travel agent and university course co-ordinator has been far more rewarding!!!

For more on Gemma Howorth foot career click here!!Gemma Howorth Foot Model

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