Happy Happy Anniversary

Celebrating 70 years of marriage with a letter from the QUEEN!!

Celebrating 70 years of marriage with a letter from the QUEEN!!

Joan and Bruce Gibson
Click on the words’ Joan and Bruce Gibson’ to see a photo of a couple MOST in LOVE!!

When I was born, my Grandparents, Joan and Bruce Gibson, had already been married for 35 years.
Now I am 35, and my Grandparents have married for 70 years.

On the weekend we celebrated this momentous occasion…their Platinum wedding anniversary….70 years of wedded bliss.
There are’nt words to do justice to the bond my grandparents share….but there is a look, the look of admiration and understanding, companionship, an unspoken trust that needs no explaining.
The look of love on display, evident to all who cross paths with this special pair. It was their at the lunch on Saturday.

So Happy Happy 70th wedding anniversary Nan and Grandfather.

I will never quiet emulate your 70 years of marital splendour ( I’m thus far missing a husband) but I will forever have you as a shining example of commitment, patience and acceptance…an all encompassing view of love…enduring love…the kind that lasts for 70 years….and fingers crossed….many more.

Happy Happy 70th wedding anniversary!!

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