Cool. BraVe. Crazy. The Sydney Half Marathon-May 18, 2014

I did not want to like the song by Sara Bareilles’ Brave’… Not sure why, as I love cheesy pop at the best time. But as I write this blog entry, I realise I LOVE song.
Perhaps I was scared off by the lyrics, they ring so true…touch a raw nerve….Sara sings of a person crippled by silence, unsure if their voice…hiding in the shadows.
That person used to be me….

But now, well, today, in this moment, I am no longer that quiet girl without a voice….Am I brave? Not too sure….Crazy….Yes.
In 5 weeks I will run in Sydney’s Half Marathon. Yes, on Sunday the 18th if May, a girl more accustomed to walking short distances will attempt to run for 21kms.
Brave? Not sure.Crazy? Certainly!!
I am running for a cause, a passion of mine, raising money for a creative writing centre here in Sydney, The Sydney a Story Factory( SSF). How could I say no, especially when the centre’s founder asked me personally to be part of SSF’s running team.
And I have been training for the event….by the time the 18th of May I would have put the work in.
Not saying it is gonna be perfect…I am no elite athlete…and I am also a bridesmaid at my bestie’s wedding the day before….
Brave? Yes. Crazy? Yes…..Commitment to the half marathon requires a bit of both!,

If you would like to sponsor me, I would be most appreciative. A $ amount per km would be wonderful…and inspire me to put one foot in front of the other. You can donate via my personal sponsorship page- Click Here.

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