Antenna Ears

On a recent holiday to Melbourne I truly relaxed. It got to the point that when asked by a Barista for my name for my coffee order…..I had to pause to think about my response.

Ah Melbourne….just want I needed…. Six days of pure escapism, good friends, good food, good coffee, good times.


Six days were I did as I pleased….always with a keen eye and ear for my surrounds. You just never know what pearls of wisdom you might be privy too….what treasures you may find by stepping off a high street and into a Melbourne lane way…..

This by far was not the most insightful conversation I caught wind of as I walked along the city sidewalk….but it made me smile,cringe and soften simultaneously.

A group of men sitting at cafe, hospital patients getting a little sun and sipping coffee, chewing the fat.

Man One to mates ‘ I woke up this morning with a catheter in my dick’
Continuing on with his story ‘ So I said to the nurse- Who put that there?’
‘ I did’ was the nurses response.
Man One to mates’ So I said to her, aren’t I a lucky man then’.

I walked past this table as the punch line was delivered ‘ Aren’t I a lucky man then’….I thought of the nurse, just doing her job, nothing more than that, I thought of the man, and his attempts to sexualise the medical procedure that had been performed whilst he was out cold….he had felt nothing…My thoughts then turned to notions of loneliness and isolation….

I guess sometimes I think too much…A group of men talking about something quiet personal….Hats of to them!! A group of men sexualising a medical procedure….not impressive. But the overiding thought I had was rather a feeling, compassion for a person seeking sexual gratification whilst under general atheistic….

With my antenna ears on high alert….. I left that conversation and continued on my way….Pondering what I might overhear next….’ Mum, at what month (of age) do you understand laughing?’

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