Start of War

Today is Anzac Day in Australia. A day of remembrance for those Australians who have tragically lost their lives in warfare.

It is a sad day, a day for reflection, a day to pay respect to the sacrifices made and the hardships endured…whilst at the same time, a day where it is important to share a smile, a conversation with those you hold dear, your mates, your comrades, your peers, your BFF’s, your pets.

A day set aside to cherish time with your nearest and dearest….is that not an official Anzac Day message?

Prior to jetting off to Melbourne recently, I prepared myself for the cultural shift that would occur upon leaving Sydney’s shores, by playing on high rotation, the divine Ms Clare Bowditch’s album – Modern Day Addiction circa 2010.

Song 10 ‘Start of War” a hauntingly beautiful song. If played in 1914 at the start of World War One, would it have caused people to think twice about settling world affairs with ammunition?

Big men talking all of the time
And none of us are sure what they are saying
Take these children by the hand
Remind them what it is to be just playing

Every day we are fighting wars with people
Who did not cause the start of war
The start of war, the start of war
The start of war, the start of war

On my recent trip to Melbourne, whilst shopping Woolworth’s, Smith Street, Fitzroy, I believe I saw the divine Ms Clare Bowditch in the bread isle. She was wearing big sunglasses, and looked like everyone else, shopping for the family in a track suit. But for her flame red hair…and sunglasses….Rock star attire ( in Woolies anyway)

She smiled at me….In true Anzac spirit, mateship, a simple jesture…a lovely way to make peace, to acknowledge another human being.

Lest we forget those who have lost their lives due to war.

Our smiles today will forever be a mark of respect.

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