25 years (and counting)

In a friendship spanning 25,years, there are many twists and turns, times of laughter, times of sadness, times if heart ache, times of joy and wonder.

Tomorrow, in a friendship spanning 25 years ( and counting), I will celebrate with the beautiful Stephanie Lee as she marries her Prince Charming, Alex Russell.

For 25 years I have laughed with Steph, and her twin sister Alison, over every conceivable life event, from Girl Guides and group piano lessons in our tweens to dance moves in night clubs & check out chic etiquette in the late 90’s. As young adults laughed our way around the globe – London, the USA, Asia and Australia.

Hitting the big 30…our smiles continue along the lines of motherhood, marriage and sexy singledom.

Steph n Me, Ensenada, Baja California, 2001

Steph n Me, Ensenada, Baja California, 2001

For 25 years we have shared life’s burdens….the first experience of grief, the passing of a family pets, big life changers- personal health scares and crisis’ which make you question your chosen path. Throughout it all, Steph, Al and I have stuck together like glue…and there are’nt words to express my gratitude.

For 25 years we have shared life’s heart ache and heartbreak….a true measure of the friendship we share is that, no matter what life serves up…..we have stood by the other and weathered the storm together.

So it is a true honor to share in tomorrow’s joy, a wedding, where I will support my dear friend in my role as bridesmaid ( their is no bigger honor) , as Ms Steph Lee become Mrs Steph Russell.

Yes, 25 years of fabulous, heart string pulling, happy tear inducing friendship….with another page of our unique story to be written tomorrow….

Love is in the air, the sun is shining and the city of Sydney has her party dress on for what I term the wedding of 2014!!

Hello Good-bye

A couple of months ago I met with a friend in a bar in Redfern, Sydney. It had been at least a year since we had caught up. So naturally one if the first questions was ‘ What’s been happening?’

His response caught me off guard, confused me, so I repeated back to him what I thought I had heard.

‘ You have been to the chiropractor? ‘

A smile crept across his face, ‘ No, I am moving to Cairo, Egypt’

Wasn’t expecting that!!

But having known this friend for 12 years it did not surprise me. This guy does not follow the well trodden path, rather the road less travelled. Probably why, despite being polar opposites in everything, we have remained friends.

A photo of photos of Aaron

A photo of photos of Aaron

I first met Aaron in 2002 whilst living in the Cowgate Tourist hostel, Edinburgh,Scotland. I was living in the staff quarters( though not an employee) when Aaron talked his way into a job as ‘Manager’. A cushy role that suited his lifestyle of beer drinking and chatting up women, I was lucky to find myself with a roof over my head, as once Aaron assumed his manager role, he enforced a ‘ NO Australia policy’ in staff living quarters. Desiring diversity, a preference for Spanish, French, Polish, German travellers took president over Aussie/ and  Kiwi (New Zealand) folk. There was ONE exception, if they were girls & good looking, regardless of nationality then they could stay in staff quarters ( Surely why I was kept on the books!!)

And the rest, as they say is history, 12 years of friendship, odd catch ups here and there…  12 good years none the less. The fact that he is moving away, to Cairo of all places, well that is just fantastic … For I will probably see more of him in Egypt than I do in Australia

And this relocation is for the most admirable of reasons….Love . Yes love with a girl who would have been granted permanent living arrangements at the Cowgate Tourist Hostel, Edinburgh instantly!!

And so on a school night this week, along with another fellow Cowgate Tourist Hostel alumni, Glenn, we toasted Aaron’s future Egyptian happiness….

Great company, fantastic memories and bright futures!! A night of hello and goodbyes, smiles and laughter.

12 years later, Aaron, Glenn and I

12 years later, Aaron, Glenn and I

Five Sentence Fiction- Vacation

Hi Guys- to the FSF crew….I realise that I wrote to the word prompt Vacation, when FReeDom is now the word of choice.

Well, upon reading the short story below….the character is longing for freedom….but each day seems to imply it is a long way off.

The very word irritated her: vacation.

It’s eight letters, each one representing the number of years it had been since her last holiday.

Eight years of office drudgery; endless meetings, deadlines, paperwork, phone calls and emails – it all fell under the same category ‘urgent’.

The frantic pace of office life made it seem impossible to stop, reflect,reassess…..she just kept going, with no certainty of an end in sight.

It was a word made up of only eight letters, but it irritated her to no end.

The Helensburgh River Dancer

I am re-blogging this entry from January as I need to be reminded of the joy that is in life….Long live the Helensburgh Irish Dancer….

Catch Up With A Mate

I took the above video with myself in mind.

Should I ever feel flat or miserable in 2014, the image of the young boy I have dubbed the Helensburgh River Dancer would be used to sustain me. Some folk might  remember Michael Flatley, of the Irish Dancing troupe – River Dance…..The Helensburgh River Dancer is WAY cooler!!

The clip is a joy to watch, a young boy living in the moment, moving to his favourite music In a way that can only be described as unique.

Yes, if ever I am down or feeling blue in 2014, I have this treasured video, of a little boy I love dearly, who continually makes me laugh ( that is my chuckle on film) and who will forever serve as a reminder to savour each joyous occasion that comes my way in 2014.

Perhaps the Helensburgh River Dancer will have the same magical effect…

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