The Helensburgh River Dancer

I am re-blogging this entry from January as I need to be reminded of the joy that is in life….Long live the Helensburgh Irish Dancer….

Catch Up With A Mate

I took the above video with myself in mind.

Should I ever feel flat or miserable in 2014, the image of the young boy I have dubbed the Helensburgh River Dancer would be used to sustain me. Some folk might  remember Michael Flatley, of the Irish Dancing troupe – River Dance…..The Helensburgh River Dancer is WAY cooler!!

The clip is a joy to watch, a young boy living in the moment, moving to his favourite music In a way that can only be described as unique.

Yes, if ever I am down or feeling blue in 2014, I have this treasured video, of a little boy I love dearly, who continually makes me laugh ( that is my chuckle on film) and who will forever serve as a reminder to savour each joyous occasion that comes my way in 2014.

Perhaps the Helensburgh River Dancer will have the same magical effect…

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