‘ Is that you Cathy, Peggy, Kate?’

Today on my drive to work I had the sudden urge to call my Nan, to chew the fat, discuss the Wimbledon Tennis results, complain about the recent cold snap that has a hold on Sydney ….

Really, there was to be no particular reason for the phone call…..I just wanted to hear her voice.

Nan and I ( with Albert the cat)

Nan and I ( with Albert the cat)


‘ Is that you Cathy, Peggy, Kate?’


‘ Hi Nan, is me Kate’


‘ Ah Cathy, Peggy, Kate…How are you?


‘ I’m good Nan, how are you?


‘ Never better, Kate, truly, never better’


My Nan passed away in her sleep on the 2nd of July.

She was 93 years old.

She was a great lady, a ‘remarkable’ lady….a friend to all.

Put simply, she was ‘ a great Australian’ and I will miss her dearly.

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