Life Lessons

There is a man in my life who has taught me so much about life & love. He might only be 3 years old, but he acts as a constant reminder for me to live boldly, love truly and laugh… often as you can.

Yes, Duncan may only be 3 years old, but he has taught me lifelong lessons that I just have to share:

Ask the hard questions– For example, second helpings at meal times. You never know your luck ( odds increase if you say please & thank you)

Be curious– Try new things. This is even better when in the company of a good friend.

Be Creative ( see picture)

Creative DuncanLaugh-  As much as possible. Even my 3 year old mate’s ‘ fake’ laugh is magic. He will do this on request for me. It is the best medicine, better than therapy. I laugh uncontrollably at his ‘ fake’ laugh, which soon morphs into his ‘real’ laugh as he joins me in the giggles! The best.

Love- Say ‘ I love you’ to those you love. Whether these moments arise whilst completing house hold chores together, reading a book or whilst walking the family pet, put simply, if you feel it, say it.

Give spontaneous hugs– because they are unexpected & simply the best.

Ask for support & those who love you will provide it in abundance

Don’t take life too seriously– refer to post ‘The Helensburgh River Dancer

Live in the moment– Probably one of the biggest gift this little man has imparted! When I am with him there is no other place to be.

So Happy Happy 3rd Birthday Duncan. Truly you are one of life’s greatest gifts.I love you so much.


Five Sentence Fiction – Horizon

Five sentences written to the word- Horizon

It was now impossible to see an end in sight to the work place restructure.

Her emails unanswered,  phone message server clogged…a‘to-do’ list that stretched over 5 pages.

At first there had been a glimmer of hope that change was possible, that not too far off on the horizon, an office utopia would greet them.

That was 2 years ago, and the outlook had been clouded by broken promises and workplace demands engrossed her 24/7.

She was burnt out, tired, her bones ached for sleep…..When the ‘change’ happened, it could happen without her…she was d.o.n.e.

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