Your gonna hear me ROAR!!

I am going to the Katy Perry concert.

Katy Perry-Picture sited from Wikipedia

Katy Perry-Picture sited from Wikipedia

It is an attempt at not taking life too seriously. Am I taking this life motto too far?

Am I to old to attend said concert? Is this one of the craziest things I have ever done?

Quite frankly I don’t care to answer those questions….

For tonight’s concert there could be no better companion than my beautiful sister-in-law. Along with my brother, these two people are constantly teaching me life lessons.

Lesson number one-

Don’t overthink things. If you want to do something, simply do it.

Lesson number two-

Life is filled with challenges, the good, the bad, the ugly….but everything is made that little bit easier if you have some-one by your side, to share the journey.

Lesson number three

Family and friends ( & pets) are all that important in this life

Lesson number four

Don’t overthink things. If you want to do something, simply do it.

Yes, lesson one & four are identical, as this is by far the best lesson I have learnt from my brother & his wife. Overthinking often leads to stagnation, indecision, procrastination and endless worrying. Questioning everything wastes time.Time that would be better spent getting on with it.

So going to Katy Perry is me putting this life lesson into practice.

I wanted to see her, I asked my friends if they cared to join( shout out to Liz in Denmark who expressed sincere interest), my sister-in-law opted in and we brought tickets.

Simple, fuss free and spontaneous.

And now the day has arrived when we will witness the fanfare that is Katy.

I simply can’t wait.

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Will you go on a date with me?

Some stories just have to be shared.

A Sunday market in Marrickville, Sydney. A chance to buy fresh produce direct from the farmers and growers. A chance to shop local, a chance to see community spirit in action, a chance to come together on common on ground and delight in summer fruits, mangoes and peaches, freshly ground coffee and baked breads.


I was on the hunt for a variety of nuts and seeds, so that I could go home and make my breakfast cereal of choice- coconut granola.

Upon finding a store that sold such produce, I placed my order-

‘ 500 grams of walnuts please’

‘ 500 grams of almonds please’

On and on I went, adding hazelnuts, peptic seeds and sunflower seeds to my list of purchases.

The man serving me, added up the cost if the sale and then he moved towards the dried fruit cabinet. With serving tongs, he selected one plump sweet date.

He handed me my change and then into my spare hand he placed the date, saying ‘ Will you go on a date with me?!’

The fruit of love- Dates Photograph: Alamy

The fruit of love- Dates
Photograph: Alamy

I smiled, and laughed at the sweet gesture…. Oh so very clever and cute.

‘ You are to cute’ I gushed, ‘ Thank you’

And I skipped away, consuming the date, allowing myself to feel slightly giddy by the sweet caramel goodness of my gift.

How many other girls had fallen ‘ victim’ to this pitch perfect salesman?!

It didn’t really matter, it had had the desired effect… Making me feel special & admired then and there…effects which have been long lasting each time I think back to Sundays ‘date’ giving ceremony!!

Ode to Peter Allen- 2014

I originally wrote the post in 2012….and during the last week, my love of Peter Allen and his music has been invigorated….I will leave that to another post….but I dragged this writing out of the vault and am giving in some 2014 exposure…..

I don’t remember when I first feel in love with the music of Peter Allen….if I had to take a stab in the dark it would be as a young child, when my neighbour would  play her record collection on high volume….the cool summer breeze carrying the tune  ‘ I go to Rio’ through my bedroom window.

And I would dance…..

I didn’t know the life story of Peter Allen till my late teens….and I am continually inspired  by the path he dared to take on this journey called life. A young boy, destined to be an entertainer in an era when ‘ men where men’ and women where women’…the odds where clearly stacked against the dancing, singing, flamboyant Australian boy from the bush….

A man who hid from the spot light his personal struggle  with his sexuality, found freedom in the form of his craft, his singing, dancing and painfully honest lyrics……His movement of stage was effortless, he exuded pure joy….

A man who dared to express himself through song, through movement….I am in awe of his achievements, both personally and professionally….Despite all hardships, Allen found the strength and courage it took bring his ‘ all dancing, singing, one man show’ dream to fruition.

I was 13 years old when Allen passed away…..And throughout my childhood, his lyrics would float through my bedroom window, and I would be transported by his beautiful melodies, to Rio, to regional Australia, America….

I was 19 years old when the musical ‘ The Boy from OZ’ opened in Sydney’s theatre district. I could not have brought a ticket quick enough. With my equally keen girlfriends, Jess and Rhonda, we high tailed it to the big smoke one Saturday evening, and watched performer Todd McKenny embody Allen, and tell his life story through song with accuracy and precision.

Fast forward to 2006, and the ‘ Boy from OZ’ came back to Sydney, this time with Australian superstar, Hugh Jackman in the lead role. Staged at the Sydney Entertainment Centre, the show was bigger and bolder, yet still true to the music of Allen. Jess and I returned to see this production….but it did not live up to our expectations….

Part of Allen’s talent as a song writer, was the ability to connect through his lyrics to listener…In such a large venue at the Sydney Entertainment Centre, Jackman’s version of Allen’s songs failed to connect..

As I write this homage to Allen, I am listening to his music….on high rotation whilst thinking of my childhood neighbour, and thanking her for refusing to turn the volume down on such joyous music!!

His sweet melodies will continue to be played for many years to come…at dinner parties, catch ups, birthday parties and picnic, in car trips to the supermarket….And friends and family will dance, sing and smile as the infectious songs play over and over…

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