Will you go on a date with me?

Some stories just have to be shared.

A Sunday market in Marrickville, Sydney. A chance to buy fresh produce direct from the farmers and growers. A chance to shop local, a chance to see community spirit in action, a chance to come together on common on ground and delight in summer fruits, mangoes and peaches, freshly ground coffee and baked breads.


I was on the hunt for a variety of nuts and seeds, so that I could go home and make my breakfast cereal of choice- coconut granola.

Upon finding a store that sold such produce, I placed my order-

‘ 500 grams of walnuts please’

‘ 500 grams of almonds please’

On and on I went, adding hazelnuts, peptic seeds and sunflower seeds to my list of purchases.

The man serving me, added up the cost if the sale and then he moved towards the dried fruit cabinet. With serving tongs, he selected one plump sweet date.

He handed me my change and then into my spare hand he placed the date, saying ‘ Will you go on a date with me?!’

The fruit of love- Dates Photograph: Alamy

The fruit of love- Dates
Photograph: Alamy

I smiled, and laughed at the sweet gesture…. Oh so very clever and cute.

‘ You are to cute’ I gushed, ‘ Thank you’

And I skipped away, consuming the date, allowing myself to feel slightly giddy by the sweet caramel goodness of my gift.

How many other girls had fallen ‘ victim’ to this pitch perfect salesman?!

It didn’t really matter, it had had the desired effect… Making me feel special & admired then and there…effects which have been long lasting each time I think back to Sundays ‘date’ giving ceremony!!

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