Summer Sound Track 2014

It appears that each Summer I have a pre-destined musical soundtrack to accompany the season of sun, sand, sea and general good times.

Last year, the that honour went to the divine Ms Jessica Mauboy and her album ‘Beautiful’. The song that accompanied me on countless visits to the beach was ‘Pop a Bottle ( Of your Love). I could not get enough of this song…..Come Summer 2014 however, a new beat is in need.

And it so happens that the Summer 2014 soundtrack is set to be another Australian Idol winner, Mr Guy Sebastian. I realise this admission could lead to a decline in readership, with people questioning my taste in music in general, but I am not bothered.

I want the sounds of summer to be carefree and fun….good beats, strong base and super fine vocals….Mr Sebastian fits that bill perfectly…..

During the year 2014 I have seen an eclectic mix of musical performances….The incomprable Ms Katy Steele at the Basement, Circular Quay, the breath-taking K T Tunstall  at the same venue in April. I saw the children’s group High 5 with my god-daughter Mae at the Enmore Theatre in July, and backed in up in September by seeing a the Super talented Australian Hip Hop act Horrowshow. I went to a classical music concert with my Dad at the Opera House in May and 2 weeks ago, saw pop sensation Katy Perry at All Phones Arena, Homebush.

And when all is said and done, I settle on the album ‘Maddess by Guy Sebastian as my summer sound track

Maddness you say? I just don’t care.

I ask you to indulge me, and take a moment to listen to Guy’s  song ‘Come home with me of said album’. To me, it is summer in a song – carefree, joyous and fun.

Go on…. lighten up, take a listen and just enjoy!!

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