Shelly Beach

The Twelve Beaches of Christmas return for another year.

And so on this day, the 12th of December, I launch the 2014 -2015 summer campaign, the personal challenge to myself, to visit 12 beaches along the NSW coastline during the festive season and into the New Year.

Without further ado I present, Shelly Beach, one of North Sydney’s finest.

Shelly Beach, Manly

Shelly Beach, Manly

And to be honest, a day at the beach with a best friend, is the best day of all…My lovely friend Kate, who has accompanied me on so many beach visits, came along for the ride. She was the inspiration behind the day….

Double Trouble- Kate x 2

Double Trouble- Kate x 2

Shelly Beach, the perfect place to kick-start summer, a small secluded beach, within walking distance from Manly and Fairy Bower Beach. Kate and I walked from Freshwater to Shelly Beach ( 45 minutes) taking in the sites, sounds and smell of summer on our leisurely stroll.

Armed with a good book, some sun cream, a new bikini and beach towel, I am ready for the next 11 beach reviews.

I welcome suggestions for seaside reviews, I have a car with 4 spare seats and personally welcome you along for the ride ( in the printed text form or as an actual passengers in my Honda civic, beach bound!!)

Summer is here. I have waited all year its return……

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