Thirroul Olympic Pool

The Ninth Beach of Christmas is a pool.

‘ Thirroul Olympic Pool’ it’s official name ( I learnt that for the first time today, as I stopped and paid attention to the pool sign that welcomes patrons!!)….but as far as I am concerned it only has one name ‘ Thirroul Pool’.

Thirroul Olympic Pool

Thirroul Olympic Pool

As mentioned in previous posts, I spent the first 25 years of my life on the South Coast of NSW. I have visited Thirroul pool more times than I care remember….some memories are joyous, taking a cool dip in the 50 metre salt water pool with friends after school and some are painful, swimming lessons aged 6, on cold rainy mornings, being yelled at by a women who appeared more army squadron than swim coach. I still remember my teeth chattering away and the salty tears I often cried as I endured the to true that was Thirroul Pool swimming lessons.

Thirroul Olympic Pool

Thirroul Olympic Pool

So memories bring a smile, such as those of my primary school class weekly summer swimming sessions. Those were great days… When chalk boards and stuffy classrooms were abandoned for a lesson of the salt water variety. Or the annual school swim carnival. I recall I used to enter the 25 metre races as opposed to the 50 metre variety….the short distance almost guaranteed a ribbon!!

Thirroul Olympic Pool

Thirroul Olympic Pool

And today as I swam 50 metre laps of breast stroke without any fanfare or ribbon ceremony, I reflected upon the good, the bad and the down right torturous times spent in this 50 metre bath. Memories of this pool sit atop the mantle piece of my childhood, in prime position, as it provided the backdrop to many summer ( & winter) salt water escapades. Perhaps today, I understand why ‘ Olympic’ is in its official name…Thirroul Pool is legendary.


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