Bellambi Beach and Rock Pool

The Eighth Beach if Christmas is a combo deal….Bellambi Beach and Rock Pool.

With the Seventh beach of  Christmas, Thirroul Olympic pool, taking me on a trip down my childhood memory lane, it sprang to mind, that I should therefore revisit the beach of my teenage years. I have never swum at Bellambi Beach, or it’s rock pool but I did spend 6 years, from age 12 till 18, at the Catholic a High School just up the road from the ocean.

It seems ridiculous that I have not taken a dip in such waters…High School was such as unpleasant time, that surely such waters could have eased my teenage angst ( or at least a provide a cure for acne!!)

Ah, but Bellambi Beach and Rock pool, you have provided teenage memories that have withstood the passing on time. It is 18 years since I graduated from High School, and by far, some of my most vivid memories are beach memories-

1. The rumour that their was a dead horse inBellambi Rock pool in 1994, surely the reason behind Wednesday swimming that said week being transferred to Woonona Pool.

Bellambi Rock Pool

Bellambi Rock Pool

2. Being asked to leave Year 12 2 Unit Art, by substitute Teacher from’ Sydney’, to go down to Bellambi Beach….sit there and draw something ‘real’. Instructed not to come back till I had done so….I took 3 hours!

Bellambi Beach

Bellambi Beach

3. The excitement of riding my bike to school for the first time, along the bike track, past Bellambi Beach on a summer’s morning…..only for the pedal to fall off on return ride home and Mr Someone ( name withheld) having to drive me home from School.

Surfer- Bellambi Beach

Surfer- Bellambi Beach

And I am sure if I strained hard enough more memories would surface. As I strolled along the sand today, I was puzzled as to why I had not given myself the opportunity back in High School to indulge in more ‘ free time’ at Bellambi Beach and Rock Pool. Dead horse or not, it is a stunning stretch if Coast….that one day I hope to enjoy!!






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