Infinity & Beyond- Man Made Infinity Pool

The sixth beach of Christmas is a pool. And as I creep closer to beach number one, holiday relaxation has definitely overtaken the desire to undertake long haul drives to the sea. So be warned, more pools to come… Preferable of the is variety that require a walk of less that 20 metres from home. The seventh beach was a natural infinity pool, a gift from above, carved into the rocks at Little Austi Beach. It is therefore pure logic that the sixth beach is a man-made infinity pool, the result of hard labour and a desire for backyard excellence and resort living. Nature VS man in the quest for the ultimate swimming hole? For me, the verdict is still out…

To infinity & Beyond

To infinity & Beyond

And as with the natural infinity pool of Little Austi, it is best to let the picture tell this aquatic tale…,a family affair, a Christmas Day Frolic, complete with floating bean bag, bath like water temperatures…..and THAT view…….Simply stunning.

My  ' Little' Brother & Dad- infinity & beyond

My ‘ Little’ Brother & Dad- infinity & beyond

Mum- Infinity & Beyond

Mum- Infinity & Beyond

The sixth beach of Christmas the man-made infinity pool….a swim that defied all expectations and was my favourite gift of the day….one that will continue to keep on giving….gotta love that!!

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