Victoria Park Pool

Back in Sydney…. back to work…..back to routine…..Boring.

But the Beaches of Christmas will save me….Be gone routine…I have beaches to review!!

TheThird Beach of Christmas…a pool….Victoria Park Pool, Camperdown, Sydney.

Victoria Park Pool

Victoria Park Pool

Having spent the last eight years of my life working close by….it was high time I took a dip, my first ever, in this pool of chlorine goodness.

An admission cost of $6.00 might signify why I have put lap swimming during my lunch break on the back burner…but keen to do justice to the last three reviews of the Christmas Campaign 2014-2015…. It was money well spent.

Life Aquatic- Victoria Park Pool

Life Aquatic- Victoria Park Pool

And lap swim I did….. 6 in total, $1 a lap..what a bargain! And then I took a cold shower, put my work clothes back on & returned to work as if the lap swimming session had never happened.

But as the working day nears its end, I can still catch a faint whiff of chlorine on my skin, a reminder that this swim was I fact real….and very enjoyable, 8 years in the making, a most memorable work day indeed.

Life Aquatic- Victoria Park Pool

Life Aquatic- Victoria Park Pool


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Sandra Boyle
    Jan 06, 2015 @ 06:15:13

    Could make NYR list.


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