Malabar Beach

Whilst I am overcome with excitement about my first beach of Christmas….one must do justice to the second beach…it too is deserving of attention. With Sydney’s weather forecast of grey clouds & storms for the next week, I indulged in what may be the last day of blue sky & sunshine for sometime…reviewing two beaches in ONE day.

The second beach of Christmas…..Malabar Beach. Located in South Sydney, it is one of the cities lesser known swimming spots, and apparently just how the locals like it. But now I am in the know….and whilst it took me 10 years of city living to venture to Malabar for my first swim….it won’t be the last.

Malabar Beach

Malabar Beach

Malabar Beach, formally known as Long Bay, was named after the ship ‘ Malabar’ that was shipwrecked in the area in the early 19th century. The beach, situated in close proximity to Sydney’s Long Bay Jail , Randwick Golf course and national parkland…is almost to good to be true….Malabar & it’s beach is a place where time appears to stand still, it is reminiscent of a sleepy South Coast Holiday town circa 1980….yet it is 2015…

In under 12kms one finds themselves in Sydney’s  Central Business district…..Give me Malabar any day….

Malabar Beach

Malabar Beach

Paddle Boarder- Malabar Beach

Paddle Boarder- Malabar Beach

The second beach of Christmas….such a treat, a gift from the city if Sydney to us all….made sweeter by the consumption of a mango and the realisation that one of my all time favourite TV show’s, ‘ Love My Way’ , was set in thus idyllic suburb. And then there was the first beach of Christmas…a beach so beautiful it demands the 2014-2015 crown…. I can’t wait to share it with you…..just two more sleeps ( one if your good!!)



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