This GiRL is on FiRe

My friend JK is a girl going places. Literally.

In two weeks, she leaves behind a life she loves, adored family and countless friend, and a job in which she excels, throws caution to the wind and boards a plane, Argentina bound.

Those who have the privilege of knowing JK, are aware that she is not short of one thing  – confidence. It seeps from her pores, she is a go getter, living a life of purpose, a women on a mission, driven and direct. JK’s determination is unwavering, whether it is to acquire a hot chocolate with ‘ extra froth’ or a Australian Government scholarship to enable her to immerse herself in another culture, another language.

And whilst JK does not suffer fools lightly, never have I met a more dedicated, loyal and supportive person….a women who would circumnavigate the globe, twice if need be, to be there for those she loves.

Yes, JK has set the bar high, very high, on how to ‘ suck the marrow out of life’.

This Girl is on Fire.

It is scary to leave behind a life of routine and familiarity, a decision which cannot be made lightly. But for JK, living a life where one does not take risks and chances is not the life she chooses for herself.

So good luck my friend, I will be thinking of every step of the way and know that this latest venture will be everything you need it to be…..and much, much more.

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