Mr Cool on Fire

Insecurity, vulnerability, honesty, passion, imagination

Poetry, art, words, music, sound

Truth, beauty, love

Risk taker, rule breaker


To be part of something new is to feel alive

Uplifting & invigorating to see an artist put it all on the line for their craft

Inspiring to be taken on a musical journey for the first time, and return to it over and over again, and hear as if for the first time sounds that uplift and captivate.

I too long to never be considered predictable.

I too long to continue to grow, change, evolve I too long to be forever inspired by life’s fragile beauty.

Above all, I too want to live a life committed to the present moment.

Whatever our chosen profession, passions or life goals, it is our duty to commit to them whole heartedly and never shy away from revealing the beauty within.

That is what Daniel Johns and his music continues to teach me.

With each album release…the message is there for the taking.

I am forever thankful.

‘ Talk’ by Daniel Johns out now. Performance at Vivid Festival 2015, Thursday 28th – Friday 29th May

Why DID the Chicken Cross the Road?

Back in 2010, the infamous Clovelly Road chicken crossed the road, and ultimately found itself lost. Silly, silly bird. But fear not, for the Clovelly road chicken was fortunate to met a kind human, who threw poster form, attempted to reunite bird with owner.

Clovelly Road Chicken circa 2010

Clovelly Road Chicken circa 2010

Fast forward to 2015, and I too am crossing the road. Many of them, from East to Inner West. Like the Clovelly Road chicken all those years ago, who threw caution to the wind, flew the coup so to speak…it’s time for change and taking chances.

This chick is packing up her Eastern Suburbs pad and moving on….Whilst unlike the Clovelly Road chicken, I have a destination, in so many ways our decision to cross the street is identical.

In road crossing, we are daring ourselves to seek out a better life. We are no longer content with routine, we are restless. But who is to say that road crossing will lead to the change we seek? Could be worse, could be better…. One things for sure….Life on the other side will be different and that is enough to warrant a move.

Chicken & Chick street crossing is brave & courageous yet scary & risky behaviour.

Yet I look to my feathered hero for inspiration, that I too may fall on good luck and fortune by making this bold move.

How will you know if I have made it?!

Over the coming weeks look on street post for signs that read ‘ FOUND – Young women happy & smiling in Inner West Terrace home’

Cementing Love…the second time round

As I prepare my great escape from the East, a few posts from my 5 years in this exclusive neighborhood come to mind…and I just have to bring them to the forefront once more……original post June 2013

Cementing Love

A few weeks back my street was treated to a new foot path / pavement.

Initially I was hesitant to engage in some street art…but when my neighbours started to get creative…I rallied to the cause.

The sun had gone down , so I shone my i-phone screen in the direction of the footpath with careful precision I lovingly carved my name, Flora the cat’s name, to cement.

And I got in just in time.. the footpath had nearly set….It was after all 7.33pm, and the cement had been laid at 9.07am.

I am ever so proud of my street art….Friends say I have changed, that the previous Kate Boyle would NEVER have engaged in modern-day street graffiti

But change is good…and everyday when I close the front door of my tiny flat and take to the streets, I am greeted with a constant reminder that change is good…the big, the small, the seemingly insignificant..

Eastern Suburbs Bucket List – 2015

A threshold of tolerance has been crossed…..Mould, damp, torrential storms and an endless Eastern suburb chill has sealed the deal…..I am on the move.

I am packing up my Easterns suburbs pad and moving back to my old stomping ground….Sydney’s beloved inner west. But I do so with a heavy heart.

Sunrise Clovelly...Oh, how I love the East

Sunrise Clovelly…Oh, how I love the East

But It is time.

It is time to have a kitchen, a bedroom door, time to do away with the bar fridge, time to own lounge room furniture and time to stand in a bathroom bigger that the size of a small cupboard.

Yes, it is time.

But it has been time well spent …..5 years to be precise and I leave the East with a treasure chests of memories…priceless and precious.

5 years of Centennial Park Birthday picnics, 5 years of early morning swims at Bondi, Bronte, Clovelly and Mahon Pool, 5 years of eastern suburbs café hopping, 5 years of living in a tree-lined street where houses frequently sell for $2 million dollars plus, 5 years lying in my garden hammock, book in hand, Flora the cat always in tow.

I have lived the Eastern Suburbs princess lifestyle on a shoestring budget….Flora has too….and I will be forever thankful for this opportunity. It has been life changing.

But it is time…time to leave.

And so, for my last 2 weeks in the East I am embarking on my own Eastern Suburbs bucket list….Doing everything I want to do, everything that represents the East to me, everything I have grown to love, and if I am honest, started to take for granted.

The taking for granted part signifies that yes it is time…but not before I live the Princess lifestyle for one more super indulgent time!!

Baby of Mine

The most beautiful of gifts came my families way recently.

My brother and his wife became parents to a precious little girl, ever so tiny and perfect– Ms Ravyn.

Ravyn and I

Ravyn and I

And in an instant our worlds were turned upside down, changed for the better in every single way … I became an Aunt, my parents Grandparents, my brother a Father , my sister-in-law, a Mother.

Ravyn you are so loved, so precious and arrived just when we our family was looking for a new addition. Did you read our advertisement in the classifieds? You must have for you fit each and every criteria…it is truly uncanny!!

Boyle Family eagerly seeks new member

  • Desire to be loved unconditionally by a Mother and Father, Grandparents x 2, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Friends, Neighbours, Pets and the general public
  • Fond of cuddles, kisses and general affection
  • Able to cope with hours of attention ( due to your captivating nature and beautiful spirit)
  • A curious mind, creative streak and endearing sense of humour
  • A commitment to a lifelong love of cats
  • Eager to embrace fashion and latest trends
  • Ability to carry the burden placed on those who are deemed ‘ As cute as a button’

Applications to be received in person Thursday, April 16th

You simply blew all the candidates out of the water Ravyn….And in doing so, you secured your place in our family, in our hearts completely.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Boyle.

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