Mr Cool on Fire

Insecurity, vulnerability, honesty, passion, imagination

Poetry, art, words, music, sound

Truth, beauty, love

Risk taker, rule breaker


To be part of something new is to feel alive

Uplifting & invigorating to see an artist put it all on the line for their craft

Inspiring to be taken on a musical journey for the first time, and return to it over and over again, and hear as if for the first time sounds that uplift and captivate.

I too long to never be considered predictable.

I too long to continue to grow, change, evolve I too long to be forever inspired by life’s fragile beauty.

Above all, I too want to live a life committed to the present moment.

Whatever our chosen profession, passions or life goals, it is our duty to commit to them whole heartedly and never shy away from revealing the beauty within.

That is what Daniel Johns and his music continues to teach me.

With each album release…the message is there for the taking.

I am forever thankful.

‘ Talk’ by Daniel Johns out now. Performance at Vivid Festival 2015, Thursday 28th – Friday 29th May

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