Catch up with a Mate Month June 2015

Where has the month of June gone?

Have I slept through most of it for it is as if I am awakening from a long slumber to find that tomorrow is the 1st of July.

Yes…June is well and truly on the way out.

And therefore I sit down to write about another Catch up with a Mate month of festivities….that wasn’t!!

When this blog began, I loudly and proudly proclaimed that each June would focus in on friendship, catching up with my nearest and dearest, making the most of my time to reconnect with those most precious to me.

In 2014 I failed to acknowledge the month of June had happened at all….it was September till I bothered to flip the calendar over to February!
In 2015, a marginal improvement….celebrating and reflecting on all that is fabulous about friendship today and only today.

But seriously, I think my focus on an intense month of friendship in the early years of this blog has caused a ripple effect….my focus has broadened.

Friendship and family, pets , creative pursuits and passions, nature, coffee…all the good stuff has become a focal point of the everyday, not just the month of June.

Friendship is a wonderful thing

Friendship is a wonderful thing

Being a human is hard, focus on the fun stuff and with certainty you will encounter grief, sadness, anger, resentment….

But with certainty I can say I would not have it any other way.

So to 2015 Catch Up with a Mate Month…it has been a blast, not different from the 31st of May or god willing, the 1st of July.

The power of YES

On a recent vacation I got into a conversation with a lifelong friend about the Power of YES.

It was a safe place to discuss our points of view….we have been friends since primary school, stood on opposing sides of a debating team, handball court and chess board.

Was I worried about a clash of opinions? Of having to stand my ground, defend my viewpoint with a person known in the business world as ‘ The Terminator’ for their uncanny ability to use wear down the fiercest of opponents in ANY arena.

No I wasn’t…but I knew I was in for a battle ….and debate aside, whatever the outcome…it would leave me questioning my chosen viewpoint – be it different, the same or, heaven forbid, undecided.

Our friendship has stood the test of time….we are very different people, but I believe we share the same outlook on this gift called life, we are here to ‘suck the marrow’ out of it, we just go about this vision at different paces.

If I look back on my 36 years, I have said yes to things, yes to many, many things. I also know that whilst I have said yes to many things, I was often closed-minded to the opportunities  packaged within each experience…preconceived ideas clouded the ability to truly revel in the power of ALL the YES’s I was saying.

With age, I am slowly learning to let go, to feel more at ease and comfortable in my skin, to truly embrace the Yes‘s I say…to savour the moment, the here and now.

With age, I also have come to accept the painful reality that life is oh so short, and I want to make sure that my yes’s are said with conviction, that I apply them with utmost care to the precious time I have on this earth.

I have set criteria for the yes’s I impart –

  • They will involve quality time with life affirming people
  • They will be applied to the everyday and to the grand and opulent.
  • They will provide time for personal reflection and relaxation
  • They will provide opportunities to submerge fully into that which feeds my soul.

From the Great Debate, I took that yes’s are as precious as gems, they cannot be given lightly, and they should not be.

My lifelong friend may disagree, that is OK with me…. we are both ‘sucking the marrow out of life’, just at our own unique pace.

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