Catch up with a Mate Month June 2015

Where has the month of June gone?

Have I slept through most of it for it is as if I am awakening from a long slumber to find that tomorrow is the 1st of July.

Yes…June is well and truly on the way out.

And therefore I sit down to write about another Catch up with a Mate month of festivities….that wasn’t!!

When this blog began, I loudly and proudly proclaimed that each June would focus in on friendship, catching up with my nearest and dearest, making the most of my time to reconnect with those most precious to me.

In 2014 I failed to acknowledge the month of June had happened at all….it was September till I bothered to flip the calendar over to February!
In 2015, a marginal improvement….celebrating and reflecting on all that is fabulous about friendship today and only today.

But seriously, I think my focus on an intense month of friendship in the early years of this blog has caused a ripple effect….my focus has broadened.

Friendship and family, pets , creative pursuits and passions, nature, coffee…all the good stuff has become a focal point of the everyday, not just the month of June.

Friendship is a wonderful thing

Friendship is a wonderful thing

Being a human is hard, focus on the fun stuff and with certainty you will encounter grief, sadness, anger, resentment….

But with certainty I can say I would not have it any other way.

So to 2015 Catch Up with a Mate Month…it has been a blast, not different from the 31st of May or god willing, the 1st of July.

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