Friday Songs

For the last five years ‘ Friday Songs’ have appeared on my Facebook page in the form of a youtube clip

My Friday song represents me on that particular day, that week, in sound form.

I love picking my Friday songs….. Often I start  searching for the perfect tune in advance, other times I leave it to the last minute, stressing over which song to choose….and on the rare occasion the song chooses me, I am but a mere vessel for the music.

Music and memories….each song chosen is accompanied by a personal story, with its own emotional tone and imagery. Happy times spent by the sea, on dance floors at discos, travelling expeditions, Saturday morning ‘ Rage’ sessions.  Sad times, the loss of family, friends, childhood pets……Despair, elation, joy, anger… Friday Songs say so much.

Friday Songs… selecting them is a life affirming process for I  love the variety of music that represents the soundtrack of my life.

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