Change is in the Air

Change is in the air.

It has been a long, long  time coming.

And this year, it is happening for me on a variety of fronts: work, home… – not just yet.

Having never dealt well with change in the past, it is surprising how a new approach has brought about a new state of being ; a self-assuredness that was not there before, clarity, calmness, peace.

This time I have met the concept of change as I would a long-standing friend, welcoming it into my life with open doors.

This time change is my friend, and I am taking hold of its hand and trusting the direction it is taking me.

The decision to change in something I have wrestled with, it has not come easy, sleepless nights, endless conversations with parents who continue to provided unwavering support and counsel, as do my trusted friends. I have written pages of lists, weighing up pros and cons, I have spoken to experts about change, doctors, financial planners and career counsellors.

But in the end , it was my Father who got me across the finish line with the simplicity of a few words – ‘ Make a decision, stick to it ‘

And with those 6 words, all the angst, self-imposed worry, doubt and anguish dissipated….and I knew what I had to do.

Change is in the air…..

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