Sounds of Summer 2015

When I really should be reviewing beaches for my 12 Beaches of Christmas campaign….I find myself desk bound, working harder than ever…harder than I imagined I would have too.

But I am happy.

For music has the power to transport me to the beaches I will review when the time is right.

And there is one song of late, that propels me back to my home town of Austinmer, that sleepy coastal seaside town I am privileged to call home.

Shining Bird, how did you capture coastal living, summer breeze and whimsical day dreams so eloquently in song form?

I find that I lose all bearings as soon as I hear the bird song, is that distinct cry from a currawong ? magpie? …Whatever it may be, I am hooked then and there…. and I am seaside in Austi, a place where coastal perfection is given a big bear hug by the lush green towering Illawarra escarpment.

Shining Bird – Rivermouth – The sounds of Summer 2015





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  1. Catch Up With A Mate
    Dec 18, 2015 @ 06:07:45

    Thanks for introducing Shining Bird, Kate. Austi is hard to beat.


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