In need of an Education

The death of global icon David Bowie has shattered a belief that I held of myself, that I knew a thing or two about music.

With his passing I have realised I know very very little. A certain friend of mine, recently married, would rejoice in this admission….

As I sit in my lounge room on a Saturday morning, reliving a childhood ritual of watching ‘ Rage’ music videos on TV, my grand plans of a day filled with shopping, house hold chores lay in ruins. This morning Rage is screening a 3 hour Bowie tribute show. I sit transfixed by the exotic songbird on screen- Space Oddity, Jean Jeanie, Fame, Golden Years and on and on and on.

My education starts now……. I have never felt more eager, willing or ready to learn.
I suspect that millions of people feel the same way…..but where to start?

Mr Bowie have left us so so much.

Thank you Mr Bowie, for the gift you have left for me and countless others- life long fans and fair-weather fans- those in need of education.

I admit, it surprised me just how much of your music I did know and love. Yet your other worldly talent for reinvention and the diversity of musical genres you explored, meant I often got lost along the way, failing to attribute so many of your tracks to ‘ you’. Your collaborations with other musical greats, your experimental approach to fashion, your films- there is much to learn and no more time to waste.

In need of an Education.

But first I digress.

Lesson One- 16th January, 2016
A new song introduced to me via Rage. David Bowie aged 30, duets with Bing Crosby, 73 . It was 1977 and Bowie was ‘ actively trying to normalise his career. The Song- ‘ Little Drummer Boy’

Lesson Two- Bowie and his voice are sublimely beautiful in this video clip, tear inducing are the lyrics.

The Clare Hotel Roof Top Pool

Body on the line for the 1st Beach of Christmas…. Literally.

A lone punter ( me) on a balmy Friday evening in Sydney CBD turns up at the newly renovated and revamped hotel keen for a dip in the roof top pool.


What she finds shocks her-up to 100 hipsters stand around sipping cocktails staring at the water, lapping up the last rays of sunshine ( which is Sydney has been a rarity of late with 5 continuous days of heavy rain)

There is something ever so wrong with this scene, with these hipsters in general. It is summer, it is not raining, there is blue sky, cocktails & a roof top pool – Why is no one in the water!!

Keen to rectify the situation,  bikini clad, she enters the water. No hipster seem to care or notice. No one joins her.


She could not be happier. There could be no better end to a work day than a roof top pool swim.

Truth be told, there could be no better end to the 2015 -2016 Twelve Beaches of Christmas Campaign.

May the good time summer vibes keep rolling on!!

Maroubra Beach

It was high time the 12 Beaches of Christmas 2015-2016 ‘ Man’ed up’…and there is was only one Sydney Beach that would make this possible. The stuff legends are made of : salt , sand, sharks, tatts and seaweed – Maroubra Beach.


True to form, the waves were wild, the beach when I visited was in lock down- closed due to rough seas. A few souls took a dip, but the sea was angry, their was no post-Christmas cheer to be found….so I headed on foot to Mahon Pool for a dip as Maroubra Beach trashed and tumbled those dicing with death within the water.


Man up- yes this campaign truly did today- so much so that this beach refused entry. Oh so tough. Oh so not to be messed with. Message received loud & clear Maroubra!

Today’s outing was true form and I love Maroubra all the more for it- unruly, untamable, gritty yet oh so real Eastern suburbs beach experience.

Woonona Rock Pool

The 12 Beaches of Christmas 2015-2016 needs to ‘beach up’…..too many pool reviews…..and here’s another one!

For this review, I blame my Father, who took me on a South Coast mystery beach tour this morning. When we arrived at the destination my face dropped- ‘ This is NOT a beach, or a mystery surprise!’ I proclaimed.

Woonona Rock Pool- I last swam there as a braces wearing, pimple faced teenager for school sport – the pool a place of angst ridden memories for me. Mystery beach location – No. Swimming hole of teenage nightmares – Yes.


Putting my disappointment aside, I went for a swim in Woonona Rock Pool….and it was nice. Each time I dived under the water and emerged for air, it was as is the strong hold of memories of bygone school sporting events lessened, and the true beauty of the pool and surrounds replaced them.


As you can see from the two pictures, dark to light, so too are my memories of the pool, dark to light- I left that braces wearing pimple faced kid for dust, replacing her with a bikini wearing swimming goddess on the look out for two more beaches to review.

Helensburgh Memorial Pool


When one goes to bed at 9.37pm on New Years Eve they have the energy to spend 3 hours in a chlorine pool with six children under four on New Years Day.

Driving past perfect coastline, across the sea cliff bridge and inland on a 28 degree day- you would think me crazy. But this is New Years Day on the South Coast and sand and sea is to be shared with 1000’s of others. Helensburgh Memorial Pool on the other hand- you swim solo.

With great pleasure I proclaim Helensburgh Memorial Pool title to be the fourth beach of Christmas.


Fruit mince pies, pretzels, jelly snakes, salt & vinegar chips, sun cream, pool noodles and paddle boards. Babies in bikinis, multiple toilet trips, crying and laughter aplenty when you have beach afternoon with six children under four.


Fish and chip dinners, promises of McDonald Happy Meals, sunburn and summer soundtracks played on high volume as we trek and trundle back to our cars, pool noodles & all….packing up after a wonderful afternoon, heads held high as we anticipate a joy filled 2016, more catch ups, beach days and  jelly snakes.


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