Helensburgh Memorial Pool


When one goes to bed at 9.37pm on New Years Eve they have the energy to spend 3 hours in a chlorine pool with six children under four on New Years Day.

Driving past perfect coastline, across the sea cliff bridge and inland on a 28 degree day- you would think me crazy. But this is New Years Day on the South Coast and sand and sea is to be shared with 1000’s of others. Helensburgh Memorial Pool on the other hand- you swim solo.

With great pleasure I proclaim Helensburgh Memorial Pool title to be the fourth beach of Christmas.


Fruit mince pies, pretzels, jelly snakes, salt & vinegar chips, sun cream, pool noodles and paddle boards. Babies in bikinis, multiple toilet trips, crying and laughter aplenty when you have beach afternoon with six children under four.


Fish and chip dinners, promises of McDonald Happy Meals, sunburn and summer soundtracks played on high volume as we trek and trundle back to our cars, pool noodles & all….packing up after a wonderful afternoon, heads held high as we anticipate a joy filled 2016, more catch ups, beach days and  jelly snakes.


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