The Clare Hotel Roof Top Pool

Body on the line for the 1st Beach of Christmas…. Literally.

A lone punter ( me) on a balmy Friday evening in Sydney CBD turns up at the newly renovated and revamped hotel keen for a dip in the roof top pool.


What she finds shocks her-up to 100 hipsters stand around sipping cocktails staring at the water, lapping up the last rays of sunshine ( which is Sydney has been a rarity of late with 5 continuous days of heavy rain)

There is something ever so wrong with this scene, with these hipsters in general. It is summer, it is not raining, there is blue sky, cocktails & a roof top pool – Why is no one in the water!!

Keen to rectify the situation,  bikini clad, she enters the water. No hipster seem to care or notice. No one joins her.


She could not be happier. There could be no better end to a work day than a roof top pool swim.

Truth be told, there could be no better end to the 2015 -2016 Twelve Beaches of Christmas Campaign.

May the good time summer vibes keep rolling on!!

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