In need of an Education

The death of global icon David Bowie has shattered a belief that I held of myself, that I knew a thing or two about music.

With his passing I have realised I know very very little. A certain friend of mine, recently married, would rejoice in this admission….

As I sit in my lounge room on a Saturday morning, reliving a childhood ritual of watching ‘ Rage’ music videos on TV, my grand plans of a day filled with shopping, house hold chores lay in ruins. This morning Rage is screening a 3 hour Bowie tribute show. I sit transfixed by the exotic songbird on screen- Space Oddity, Jean Jeanie, Fame, Golden Years and on and on and on.

My education starts now……. I have never felt more eager, willing or ready to learn.
I suspect that millions of people feel the same way…..but where to start?

Mr Bowie have left us so so much.

Thank you Mr Bowie, for the gift you have left for me and countless others- life long fans and fair-weather fans- those in need of education.

I admit, it surprised me just how much of your music I did know and love. Yet your other worldly talent for reinvention and the diversity of musical genres you explored, meant I often got lost along the way, failing to attribute so many of your tracks to ‘ you’. Your collaborations with other musical greats, your experimental approach to fashion, your films- there is much to learn and no more time to waste.

In need of an Education.

But first I digress.

Lesson One- 16th January, 2016
A new song introduced to me via Rage. David Bowie aged 30, duets with Bing Crosby, 73 . It was 1977 and Bowie was ‘ actively trying to normalise his career. The Song- ‘ Little Drummer Boy’

Lesson Two- Bowie and his voice are sublimely beautiful in this video clip, tear inducing are the lyrics.

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  1. Fangs Mama
    Jan 17, 2016 @ 21:37:31

    I love that clip too! I’ve never heard that song done quite so beautifully anywhere else.


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