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Oh the Places You’ll Go

Ms Mae turned the big five fingers on the weekend. A whole hand, four fingers and a thumb- five years old.

Where has the time gone?

I still remember getting ‘the call’ from her Father, clearly in shock of the happiest variety in 2011- ‘ Kate, we have a little girl!!’ followed by a lengthy pause ‘ A little girl!!’

Oh the places you will go Ms Mae. I gifted you on you whole hand, four fingers and thumb birthday the book written by Dr Suess with that very title – Oh the places you will go.

I too was gifted that book however I did turn the pages till many months later.

It was a dark time for me when the book came to be mine….but I remember that when I was ready to read the words, absorb the pictures…it firmly positioned itself as one of my all time favourite books.

Not only because of who gave me the book, a person I liken to my second Mother, Anna Lee, but because of the message it reiterated- that life is full of challenges, bumps and bruises. But it is only rewarding when you acknowledge this fact and embrace the beauty & heartache present in each & every moment. Dr Suess was ever so insightful – he knew that along life’s journey, those who love you most will celebrate your wins, shield you from storms and provide comfort in times of sadness.

And so Ms Mae, for your whole hand, four fingers and thumb birthday I want you to know that I am one of those people who love you, who have watched on in awe of your life to date, and look forward to the journey ahead.

I may have forgotten the exact date of your whole hand, four fingers plus thumb birthday but I am keenly interested & fully supportive of all life events from this day forward.

Oh the places you will go Ms Mae…. Oh the places you will go!!

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