Welcome subscriber 104

Yes you! Welcome!

There is much to catch up on, almost five years of blog posts. I would not dare suggest you start on writing pieces from May 2011 though you are most welcome.

Knowing you as a person who treasures family and friends, art, culture, music and cats there are a few posts that come to mind that I am sure would wet your whistle, tickle your fancy, float your boat!! Please reach out to me if you want a heads up where to start looking, but can I suggest the following –

Cat Post

Family Post

Culture Post

How did you find me? What made you subscribe at precisely 9.13pm on Friday the 19th of February 2016? What was the reason that you hold the converted title of 104th subscriber to Catch up with a Mate.

Truly, none of these questions need be answered.
I am just glad you found me.

Welcome to my online musings, digital account of life lessons learnt, observations of inner city living and strange but true story telling.

You have arrived at the perfect time!! 9.13pm on Friday 18th February 2016 to be precise.

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