Got you on my mind….Shi pow pow!

Sitting on the train to work today, looking out the window at the splendid beauty of Sydney harbour, I cross the bridge to North Sydney & this song popped into my head.

I was certain it was by Nineties ‘Hit Maker’ Haddoway…. but no, it was by ‘London Beat’ – How could I forget?!

Anyway, this song surfaced for I was thinking about family and friends, the many people scattered around the globe, and as I did I was smiled-

My mate, 5 years passed since he ‘called Australia home’….I think of him each time I venture to the inner west suburb of Marrickville to go to the gym. Marrickville is full of hipsters now, hip bars, hip cafes, hip everything…You should come back….With your beard you would fit right in!

Childhood friends I have not seen for over 20 years….and the catch up I am organising for May this year. Where has the time gone? What have we done with our lives since we last were in the same room together? Our brunch catch up is sure to set the record straight! We will meet new additions to family, partners and reacquaint ourselves with one another. We were a tight group in the late 80’s / early 90’s….2016 will surely cement our friendship once more.

A lunch date with girlfriends who have been part of my life…well….f.o.r.e.v.e.r. I can’t to have them all around the one table. Kids can play outside….there will be serious catching up to do!!

A family getaway….something I have tended to shy away from in the past. But 2016 is the year to embrace family (warts & all) and shack up with the parentals on the South Coast of NSW. Not too far away will be the brother, sister-in-law & niece. I cannot wait. And better still, in a town nearby, a friend I have not seen in close to 4 years- a long overdue phone call last week and a lunch date that weekend is now confirmed.

Yes, I have been doing a lot of thinking…about you…and at the same time, putting plans into action. Watch this space….. there is more on the horizon.

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