Felton Food Festival 2016

Felton Food Festival

My friends husband advised me on the weekend to take time to ‘ process ‘ the weekend that was…. What exactly was my four days in Southern Queensland??

In a word- Perfect.

Festival Action

No more processing time needed.

The weekend enabled me to see a little clearer, to appreciate that the meaning of love can be found in the truly mundane & the breathtaking beautiful.

I saw pristine countryside & experienced honest to goodness hospitality. I ate local produce, mixed lollies & drank beer at the local.

I meet a celebrity Gardner at the Felton Food Festival & sweltered in 40 degree heat. I experienced community spirit at its finest- 12,000 people gathered in corn fields to celebrate agriculture, farming & fine fabulous food.

I read books to children, experienced a school drop off & learnt more about Star Wars than I ever imagined possible.


Corn Fields

And lastly, I listened to Taylor Swift, over and over and over again.

The weekend was all that & so much more. It was perfect. Just perfect.

We all need pick me ups from time to time & we are lucky to have those in life who recognise when our batteries need recharging.

Thank you Scott, Lauren, A,S,M & J for my perfect escape. The surprise visit 4 months in the making- all the scheming, plotting & out right lies where worth it- I needed that weekend as much as your much loved wife/ mother did.

The Town of Killarney

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