Let’s go CraZy

On the 11th of January I went to JB High Fi and brought a much longed for Prince cd. Later that afternoon, as news circulated the globe that icon David Bowie had died, I felt a compulsion to return my princely treasure for a Bowie record.

I didn’t, and I danced to Prince and celebrated all that is good about life, love and music – I am sure Bowie approved.

On the 21st of April, I returned to JB High Fi to purchase 1989 by Taylor Swift. And then came the news that Prince has passed- I hold grave fears for Tay Tay.

I have long admired Prince- for me ‘1999’ was forever a favourite. It was midway through the year 1998 when I started preparing New Years Eve celebrations. As I was without a personal credit card, I borrowed one and an online order was placed for ‘ The Best of Prince’ cd to be shipped from the US to Austinmer, Wollongong, NSW. The delivery took months- and arrived just in time to be played on full volume as the clock stuck 12 midnight. It was fabulous and worth the $60.25 credit card charge.

Fast forward to March 2016, and I was listening to my recent Prince purchase as I was driving to a friends mothers funeral. The lyrics from the classic ‘ lets go crazy’ really got me- never had a song seemed more appropriate-

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today
To get though this thing called life

Prince wrote the song aged 25. It would appear he was already aware that life is bloody hard, it will be our biggest challenge, just surviving the day to day.

You can choose your approach to this hard hitting reality- rally against it or join in the celebration of living in a world of constant change and flux.

Prince was so on the money ‘ let’s go crazy, let’s get loose- we are all gonna die’

Life is hard, live to the fullest, love and laugh often. I knew with certainty the person who life’s passing we celebrated last month has taken Princes advice seriously.

So thank you Prince.
For your music, your unlimited talent and the sense of occasion you bring to each and every song.
I promise to ‘ go crazy’ on a regular basis- life is too damm short, and you are one of many people who have taught me that.

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