Go on you deserve it

Go on you deserve it

Is that phrase to blame for the obesity crisis and cotton wool parenting that has taken hold of the current generation of kids?

Is that phrase to blame for global warming, the great divide between rich and poor, famine, drought and consumer greed?

Well to scale it back I have had two interesting encounters with the phrase of late –


My beautiful friend Jess, having had the year from hell (yes, another one), did not get around to organising the kind of celebration she would have liked for her one year old daughter.

With valid reason too – major surgery x 2 , family commitments galore –  Irish Dancing lessons, swimming lessons and a weekly reading group commitment at her eldest daughter’s Kindergarten. A house hold to run, a young family to coordinate.

I get tired just recalling her to do list. So the 1st year old birthday party was postponed.


Who can say.

But when Jess announced this to me in one of our weekly phone chats, she paused mid conversation to talk directly nearly one year old Mollie ‘But you will have a party Ms Mollie…..because you deserve it’

I laughed and remarked ‘ What has Mollie done to deserve it Jess?’

Jess starting laughing too , the whole idea seemed absurd to us both.

‘Nothing really ‘

True that!!


After a 7.30am personal training session  I felt like something nice for breakfast …..because, well I deserved it.

IMG_2322 (1)

I had my heart set on something sweet….and that craving was perfectly matched by the opportunity to purchase a ‘Nutella Latte’ at a new café in the city.

The menu read as follows ‘Nutella, expresso shot, frothed milk, whipped cream, chocolate flakes and Nutella drizzle’

As I ordered, I felt a sense of guilt having just busted my guts with weights, the dreaded sled of death and stomach crunches.

I relayed this to the Barista, they indulged me by saying ‘Oh, but go on, you deserve it’

I proceeded to order and consume the drink at great speed, but since this conversation I have been troubled by those three words: “You deserve it’

Did I REALLY? Isn’t it just a sentence to help people like me, who are lucky enough have funds to blow on ‘ Nutella Lattes’ , absolve guilt and indulge, indulge, indulge in unnecessary purchases and treats.

True that

On positive note – if you can’t smile at the site of your one year old daughter gleefully opening a birthday gift or sigh for joy as you lick the last of the Nutella goodness out of a latte glass, I have to ask ….what truly is the point of any of it?!


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