Spring has Sprung!


Words fail me, I cannot articulate how or why I know this. My sense of smell deserts me, my hands reach out in its direction yet it’s texture, size or shaped cannot be detected.Though my ears are pricked and at the ready, deafening silence.

Put simply,it is an inner feeling, that has been accompanying me these last few months. Can people see it in aura form? Can others see the change in store for me that I am yet to identify?  I have an inkling others do for I meet a new business contact this week who instantly felt we were kindred spirits and that we would do great things together. I felt it too true connection, a rare & precious thing.

But what is it she saw? She felt?

It is all about timing.

And I must be patient and wait. And past experience has taught me that the more energy I expend wanting, hoping, pleading for the change to reveal itself – the more elusive it will be.

But I have been waiting f.o.r.e.v.e.r and I am t.i.r.e.d

But the change that I sense is coming demands of me just that little bit more patience and grit.

What ever is in store for me, when it finally, if ever, reveals itself, I know my best self will be ready to meet it face on.

Happy first day of Spring, 2016.

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