Thinking Out Loud


I have never been a fan of Ed Sheeran – maybe due to jealously. His song writing ability, musical talent and voice appear too perfect.

But today I have fallen head over heals in love with the song ‘Thinking Out Loud’- yes, that hit from 2 years ago, that has been played to death on commercial radio and racked up 1 billion views on youtube.

Prior to today, I loathed this tune!

But my work as a connector of students interns to Sydney businesses, lead to a working relationship with a music therapy organisation called ‘A Sound Life’. I have two young American boys bringing respite to the sick, the aged, the homeless, the addicted through music. It has been a pure joy to be part of their e journey – and it is only week two.

And so their site supervisor sent a video clip my way, of these two dashing young men, singing the infamous Ed Sheeran tune at the Sydney Children’s hospital today.

It made my day, my week, my working year ( well just about)

There is nothing more special that seeing a person engaged and connected with their unique talents & gifts, and for that to then be shared with others. It is inspiring, the joy contagious!

That is what I saw today….and as a result I am now an Ed Sheeran fan – never did I think I would see the day!!


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