Sharkey’s Beach – Coledale, NSW

The 12 Beaches of Christmas 2016 is off an running – first stop, Sharkey’s Beach, Coledale, NSW.

Prior to this blissful ocean dip, I had played along with my daily horoscope – looking for guidance that the year that has been and the new one that fast approaches will bring with it acceptance, equilibrium and stability.

The words of the day for me were ‘risk’ and ‘harmony’ and as I dived in the bluest of blue waves, I knew that all would be well. Though with certainty there will be trying days ahead, my future looks bright and the peace I crave will come.

The video attached my attempt at a shameless Sharkey’s Beach selfie! Instead I was recording a video and being attacked by a biting fly – video evidence that vanity does not pay!

Enjoy the celebration that is Summer as I delve into the beautiful blue beyond – bringing you the best of the best beaches for 2016.

The beautiful blue beyond - Sharkey's Beach, Coledale

The beautiful blue beyond – Sharkey’s Beach, Coledale

Selfie Take 2

Selfie Take 2

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