Flagstaff Hill Rock Pool, Wollongong

In August of this year I joined Savvy fitness – it seemed the ONLY way to embrace the Wollongong lifestyle I was re- entering after a 14 year period of living Sydney. 

I LOVED it – training at 7am on Saturday morning with my Scottish PT. After training I’d indulge in a coffee from Diggie’s cafe at North Beach and wander around the harbour promenade, with the other ‘ active wear’ clad, kale smoothie early morning gym folk.

I’d never been one to wander around Wollongong Harbour as a spoilt Northern Beaches princess – I didn’t need too – Austinmer beach was practically mine.

But on my Saturday morning, post exercise strolls discover I did. Flagstaff Hill Rook pool wonderment! Wow. 

Flagstaff Hill Rock Pool Flagstaff Hill Rock Pool Flagstaff Hill Rock Pool

And yesterday as I strolled along the City Beach Promenade, my mind drifted to similar scenes of industrial cities with stellar coastlines – Newcastle, South of Sydney, Fremantle, Perth. 

And then by chance I read of another Wollongong Harbour hidden gem – Nun’s Rock Pool. 

I returned home yesterday and did my google research on Nun’s – a late 18th oasis for the ladies. My bag is packed, swimmers and towel at the ready…..so close I had been, but so far at the same time!

I just may have stumbled across the First Beach of Christmas 2016 whilst investigating Beach Ten 😊

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