Nicholson Street Apartment Pool, Balmain

That view

Summer Friendship

Sometimes you get lucky in life, when your path crosses with a person that will change you for the better. I got extra lucky a number of years back, when two such people came into my world.

And each year we celebrate this friendship. in 2016 we toasted mateship on the hottest night in Sydney in 150 years, we sipped champagne, ate shepherds pie and soaked up the stunning harbour views.

Sydney friends, people make the city I have chosen to call ‘home’ feel like that, ‘home”. And I LOVE spending time with them, drinking wine with them, laughing about our shared past and imagining our bright futures.

So you have read this far, and now you are thinking, where is the beach reference – the 9th Beach of Christmas 2016?

Well my mate’s place has a pool – and as night fell and the temperature remained a balmy 27 degrees , by 6.23am the next morning all I could think of was a morning swim in the Nicholson Street, Balmain Apartment Pool.

poolAnd when I reached poolside it was splendid – the aroma of frangipani, the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the distance and cool, cool water. I could not help but feel a sense of overwhelm at how lucky I have been to have fallen head over feet in the big smoke. And whilst a swim in Balmain apartment pool is a wonderful way to start any work day, what is special beyond words is true friendship. And as I swam a couple of laps that morning, after Sydney’s night of record-breaking temperatures, I realised that what I truly have in abundance is the hottest friendships around.

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